See how Induction is currently being used

Induction is used by healthcare professionals around the world to connect with the people and information they need, collaborate and communicate securely.


Hospital Management Platform

The free platform allows hospital administrators to manage, and contribute, to all the information held on Induction:

  • Manage and contribute to the numbers stored on Induction
  • Upload and organise the hospital documents and other shared documents


Insight into Induction at your hospital

The management platform provides an overview of the analytics from the workspaces in the hospital.

  • Analyse data regarding workspaces and add more of what users value
  • Compare different departments in the hospital and share knowledge across the organisation

How does your hospital currently use Induction?

If you would like to see how many healthcare professionals in your hospital use Induction and have a breakdown of the information held on Induction then please get in touch and we can send you a report.

We take security seriously…

Security must be at the highest level in a secure instant messenger used in healthcare. With Induction, you can feel confident discussing patient identifiable information and sending messages securely.

Verified Users

In the UK, users are verified using the GMC, NMC and HCPC. In Australia, all users must be AHPRA registered. Set up also requires multi-factor authentication to confirm user identification.

Encrypted Messages

All messages are encrypted in transit and rest by a zero knowledge encryption protocol using 256-bit to encrypt data whilst also ensuring messages can only be read by recipients. Messages will automatically delete after 30 days.

Secure Image Sharing

Photos and images are also encrypted in transit and rest and will not be stored on your device.

Biometric & Pin Protection

Induction requires FaceID, TouchID or pin code to enter the messaging section of the app and lost phones can be remotely wiped so that access cannot be gained to confidential information.

Storing Data Securely

Your user and patient data is stored securely in the country your hospital is based in. In the UK, data is stored on HSCN/N3 servers which are the servers recommended by the NHS.

Highest Security Rating

Induction received the highest security rating following external penetration testing.

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