Our Vision and Team

The Team and the Vision behind the Induction App

Our Vision

Induction is an app for iPhone and Android that gives healthcare professionals the information they need to work in any UK hospital.

Induction was created by the team at Podmedics. Podmedics is an award winning UK-based software development company that builds healthcare apps.

We are a small team of ex-doctors and software developers who want to make healthcare IT better. We believe good software design has the power and potential to dramatically change the way we care for patients - it is our goal to make this a reality.

Meet the Team

The talented team behind the Induction App

Team ed
Dr Ed Wallitt
Founder and Lead Developer

Ed is a qualified physician and IT professional who is the founder of Podmedics, the IT company that supports and develops Induction. He has been coding since the age of 8, and is passionate about bringing simple and high yield IT solutions to healthcare professionals through the medium of web and mobile applications.

Ed founded the Induction app in 2013, when it launched with 750 hospitals, and zero numbers. Since then he has overseen the growth of the app to over 350,000 numbers and 70,000 monthly users. He is also the founder and director of Podmedics Limited, a leading UK-based healthcare IT consultancy that provides unique technological solutions to hospitals and educational organisations all over Europe. Ed is a frequent speaker at IT conferences, and ambassador for digital innovation in UK healthcare.

Team jamie
Jamie Peak
Designer and Frontend developer

Jamie is our lead designer and front-end developer for Podmedics. Jamie designed the entire Induction App from basic wireframes right through to high fidelity mockups, Jamie is also involved with the front-end styling aspect of the application.

Jamie started working for Podmedics over 5 years ago with the sole purpose of improving healthcare related design with a clean minimal approach that is scalable and accessible. You can see Jamie's design work for Induction on Dribbble

Team lockyy
Daniel Lockhart
Web and Mobile Developer

Daniel is one of our developers at Podmedics, working on the Induction project. Focusing on the backend side of development, he is responsible for the API that drives the web and mobile apps as well as integrating that API with the web app. Daniel has been a part of the team at Podmedics for 2 years.

Team paidi
Paidi Fitz
Web Developer

Paidi is one of our web developers at Podmedics, working on the Induction project. His primary responsibility has been for building the API that drives the web and mobile apps, while also contributing to the integration of the API with the web app & Induction Kuma platform. Paidi has been involved in a range of healthcare and non-healthcare applications since he joined the Podmedics team in September 2016.

Team katie
Katie O'Flynn
Quality Assurance

Katie is a recent addition to the Podmedics team, specialising in QA. Her involvement in the Induction project has been primarily focused on issues of UX and ensuring standards of accessibility in accordance with WAVE guidelines, so that all users are able to have the best possible experience of the web and mobile apps.

Team rabah
Rabah Tahraoui
Junior Web Developer

Rabah is a junior backend developer at Podmedics, working on the Induction App with a particular focus on building the data systems that drive the app.