Induction KUMA

A platform that allows hospital administrators to manage, and contribute to all the data stored in Induction. Also allows upload and delivery of hospital guidelines.

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Location-based Extensions

With Kuma hospital administrators get full, editable access to all the content stored in Induction.

Healthcare Professionals can Contribute

With Kuma hospitals can manage the information that healthcare professionals are using.

Secure to NHS Standards

We use 256-bit AES encryption over SSL to make sure your data is secure. Every user of the platform has a secure account for gaining access.


Kuma lets you upload local and national guidelines for your hospital, and organise them into folders. They are instantly available to all users of the app.

Internet Explorer Compatible

Kuma is specifically designed to be compatible with all common browsers in use within the NHS.

Track Data

With Kuma you can track and generate reports of how the app is being used within your organisation.