Our Goal

Induction’s community is the largest clinical collaborative focused on quality improvement using digital tools in healthcare

Our Quality Improvement network allows healthcare professionals from all specialties and disciplines to launch QIPs looking at measuring improvement methods for challenges within their specialty or department. The collaborative is focused on empowering collective leadership across healthcare systems to support the implementation of the best digital technology around the world.

Would you like to use your team’s data for your QIP?

Would you like to set up a Quality Improvement Project in your hospital that you could potentially scale internationally to other trainees in your specialty around the world?

You can use Induction to access data on your team, department or organisation’s use of Induction so you can gain insight on time savings and patient safety improvements through the directory, document and private workspace functionality.

Connect with colleagues

Connect with people in hospitals around the world in your specialty or interest area where you can expand QIPs into larger scale projects.

Join the QIP group

Join the Induction QIP workspace which holds information on ongoing QIPs and you can also upload any QIPs you have launched in the workspace for people to replicate in their hospital to expand the insights.

Identify specific problems

Which problems do you identify in your team or department? You can set your QIP up on anything from improving document access & adherence to improving communication along specific patient pathways. Find a specific problem and work to improve it.

Find QIP ideas

Browse the QIPs launched by QIP Leads in the QIP workspace to gather ideas and to find projects that you can expand to your hospital or trust.

Measure your improvement

Gain insights and look for ways to connect with the next doctor in the department so that they can carry the project on and re-audit the improvement going forwards.

Present your national QIP

Develop a QIP that not only meets your annual requirements but also gains you future points for applications by collaborating nationally and becoming a QIP Lead.

Join an international digital QIP project collaborative

Create a modern healthcare specific workspace with tools that enable healthcare professionals to connect with the people and information they need and communicate securely, saving time and getting their clinical work done.

Time saving improvement

This QIP looks at the improvement Induction brings to time spent waiting for switchboard.

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Cost saving improvement

This QIP looks at the improvement Induction brings to time spent, and costs saved, to telephone calling delays and time spent locating and accessing documents in hospital departments.

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Patient safety improvement

This QIP looks at the improvement to patient outcomes for specific conditions by improving document access for a specific condition, or set of conditions by increasing ease of access to the key information.

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