Induction Kuma

The Induction App

The free app that gives 24,000 healthcare professionals a month the information they need to work in any UK hospital.

Induction Features

  • Location-based extensions

    A single place for all the numbers and bleeps that you need everyday. All contributed by other healthcare professionals in your hospital.

  • Private information

    You can store private codes and numbers in the app. These are held locally on the app and are never shared.

  • Healthcare Professionals can contribute

    Induction is a true 'crowdsourced' platform. Anyone can contribute to, and benefit from, the data for their hospital.

  • Secure

    Data security is important, and we have it covered. No patient information is ever stored in Induction and everything is encrypted.

  • FAQ database control

    View and contribute to common tips/tricks for your hospital e.g. how do I bleep?

About Induction

Induction is used by over 24,000 healthcare professionals every month.

We have over 250,000 hospital extensions and pager numbers maintained by on the ground users.

Induction KUMA

A platform that allows hospital administrators to manage, and contribute to all the data stored in Induction. Also allows upload and delivery of hospital guidelines.

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